“Quality Means Doing it Right When No One is Looking.”

- Henry Ford -                   

At OISHI’s, our pride and commitment to quality is unwavering. 


We start the day cutting fresh vegetables for our house-made stock, adding only a teaspoon of salt to maximize the potentials of these natural flavors.  After simmering for 6 hours, house original spices and seasonings are added, completing the curry sauce. During the cooling period, the sauce is stirred every ten minuets. It is then refrigerated for thirty six hours to induce a mellow taste.


Not only do we take pride in our sauce, we freshly cut and hand bread our most popular chicken and pork katsu daily.

The rice is carefully measured and washed by hand under running  water  until  the  water  becomes  clear. It is then refrigerated for 6 hours, which is key to Oishi’s pure and sweet-tasting rice. 


If our quality makes you smile, that is our reward.