Frequently asked questions


Q. Do you take credit cards? 

            Yes, but we do NOT accept American Express


Q. Do you have another branch?

            Not at this moment. We are original.


Q I want to make a reservation?

Sorry but we do not take reservations.  We advise you that we cannot have one person arrive to hold many seats until the others arrive. Off course if we are quiet that's ok but if the restaurant starts to get busy, we will be asking for the seats back.


Q. For the Togo, can you separate the rice and curry?

Our container has two separate compartments for the curry and the rice. It is also microwavable.


Q. What time is your last call?

Our last call is usually 10mins before closing but there are times when we may close earlier when the curry is sold out.   


Q. Do you have WiFi?

            No, sorry.


Q. Since you do NOT sale alcohol, can I bring my own?

It is NOT allowed to bring outside alcohol to a restaurant by Guam low.